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Artist: Salvador Dali

Title: Divine Comedy Suite

Medium: Woodcut in Colors on Paper              

Woodcut Sizes: Approximately 13 inches x 10 1/2 inches

Note:  Each Woodcut is Hand Signed by Bruce Hochman and Stamped with authentication on verso. Bruce Hochman is the author of the Annual Print Price Guide to the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali. It is also signed on the Justification Du Tirage Page by Albert Fields.Dalí appointed Albert Fields to be the arbiter of which Dalís were really Dalís. Mr. Field, whose title was official archivist, proceeded to catalog thousands of authentic Dalí works and fakes. As a result, he was drafted as an expert in 20 art fraud investigations. 

Details: The Divine Comedy suite consists of 100 unsigned color wood engravings created between 1960 and 1964 after 100 watercolors painted by Salvador Dali between 1951 and 1960. More than 3,000 blocks were necessary to complete the engraving process. The Suite consists of the completed Paradise, Inferno and Purgatory Woodcuts and comes in a portfolio case as shown in the images attached. The Retail Value of this very rare complete authenticated set, as listed in the 2016 Price Guide of Salvador Dali by Bruce Hochman is $150,000.00

In the early 1950’s Salvador Dali was invited by the Italian government to commemorate the birth of Dante, Italy’s most famous poet, by producing a series of illustrations for a full-text, deluxe edition of Dante’s masterpiece, the Divine Comedy. Ultimately, the illustrations were not well received by the Italians, as it was deemed inappropriate for a Spanish painter (rather than an Italian painter) to have illustrated the work of Italy’s greatest poet.

Even though the project was dropped in Italy, Dali and French publisher Joseph Foret continued to pursue publication of the Divine Comedy. Mr. Foret acted as broker between Salvador Dali and Les Heures Claires, a French editing and publishing house that ultimately took full charge of the project. Working in conjunction with Salvador Dali, Raymond Jacquet, with his assistant Jean Taricco, created the blocks necessary for the engraving process. While frequently referred to as “wood” blocks, they were actually a resin-based matrix. Salvador Dali directly supervised the production of the works and gave final approval for each of the finished engravings.

Once the project was complete, all of the Divine Comedy blocks were destroyed. The engraving process required the block be cut, a single color applied, then printed to the substrate (e.g. paper, silk, etc.). The block was then cleaned and cut away for the next color. As the engravings were made, the image was progressively “printed,” and the block was progressively destroyed.

The process required great skill and resulted in works of spectacular beauty which cannot be reproduced in a manner that is not detectable as a reproduction, even to the casual observer.

This Piece Is so rare, it might be the only Complete Suite Authenticated  By Bruce Hochman Author Of The Annual Print Price Guide To The Graphic Works Of Salvador Dali and Albert Fields.

Warranty: Item GUARANTEED to be as described

Auction Estimate: $99,000.00/$150,000.00